Brescia is a city rich in history, architecture and art. It has developed continuously for about three thousand years and  it’s characterized by  the interaction of different architectural styles.

In the old town centre, you can admire many famous monuments, dating back to various periods, from ancient times to contemporary age.  This city of Lombardia is a very popular destination because  of its cultural heritage.  Its museums, the most famous of which is the Santa Giulia one, house many important events which attract art lovers from all over the Coutry. Above all that,  the centre of Brescia is undeniably beautiful: it’s an area which has still the charm of  the past time and it can be easily visited on foot.  You could admire all the influence of the Ancient Romans in this wonderful city once called Brixia.

Points of interest are Piazza del Foro and the Capitolium and the ruins of the Roman theatre; The Castle of Brescia, called the “Falcon of Italy”, situated on Cidneo Hill; Piazza Paolo VI, historical heart of the city, and the Duomo nuovo or New Cathedral, the Old Cathedral or Duomo vecchio and the Broletto Palace; Piazza della Loggia, the Palace of the Loggia and the Clock Tower; the Church of the Saints Faustino and Giovita, patron saints of the city, and the Church of San Giuseppe. Place not to be missed is also the Santa Giulia Museum, with its important events and temporary exhibits. In this museum visitors can enjoy a journey across the history, the art and the spirituality of Brescia, from prehistoric times to the contemporary age. It’s situated inside the San Salvatore-Santa Giulia monastic Langobardic complex , which was declared, with the monumental area of the Roman Forum, World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The visitor can also go shopping in one of the many historical shops, boutiques, variety shops and one brand shops, often opened all day.

Brescia is only 25 minutes far from Hotel Mayer & Splendid and Desenzano del Garda and it’s easily reachable both by train and by car (autostrada A4, exit Brescia centro).


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