Monte Baldo is one of the most charming place in the Alps, it’s a wonderful terrace overlooking Lake Garda, it’s a real paradise for hikers, mountaineers and day-trippers, every day of the year.

Once  mountain of shepherds because of the extended grazing lands,  it’s also called the garden of Italy due to the amazing multitude and rarity of plant species, especially thanks to the spectacular  bloomings. Many of them are residues of the glacial period, survived on the mountain, which emerged like an island from the glaciers. Its name originates from the German word “wald”, which means wood. The fauna of Monte Baldo is special too: you can find about 960 kinds of butterflies, some of which known only here, and many other species of insects. You can find also marmots, golden eagles, roe deers, chamois, squirrels and hares.

From the coasts of Lake Garda up to the top of Baldo, there are numerous  itineraries and paths with different length and difficulty, suitable for everyone.

You can reach Monte Baldo from Malcesine in only  ten minutes, with a modern rotating  cableway , which allows a wonderful view of the lake and the surrounding area. In Tratto Spino ( the upstream cableway station), there are short walks and various  snack bars and restaurants. Here you can spend some relaxing time far away from your everyday life, enjoying  the amazing view.There are also many paths for athletic people, some of which are really very difficult. On Monte Baldo you can practice many sports and activities: trekking, bike riding, paragliding… All-aged hikers can walk or practice Nordic walking surrounded by nature,  admiring the wonderful panorama.

You can easily reach Malcesine and the downstream cableway station from  Hotel Mayer & Splendid and from Desenzano del Garda by car, or by boat (departure in front of the hotel).


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