Gardone Riviera is situated on the Western coast of Lake Garda, between Salò and Maderno, and it’s a city rich in history, culture and nature.

Its most famous attraction is the Vittoriale. Home of the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, it’s a very suggestive monumental site. Located on a hill, it’s a citadel build by the will of the poet between 1921 and 1938, with the help of the architect Gian Carlo Maroni.  Inside it there are the Priory ( poet’s house), the War Museum, the Auditorium, the SVA 10 airplane used for the flight over Vienna, the Ship Puglia and the Museo di Bordo, the Mas 96, the Mausoleum, the cars (Isotta Fraschini and Fiat Tipo 4), all surrounded by parks and gardens.  Gabriele D’Annunzio’s  mansion, with its collections of precious objects and its original furniture, reflects poet’s personality, representing a rare testimony of a personality and  a period.The theatre of Vittoriale, called by D’Annunzio “A marble hollow under the stars”, was build on a panoramic point, from which you can admire Isola del Garda, the Monte Baldo, Sirmione peninsula and the suggestive Rocca di Manerba.

A place not to be missed is also the botanical garden André Heller,wich connects Gardone di Sotto and Gardone di Sopra and allows visitors to walk close to nature, among many species of plants and flowers. Planned by the famous doctor and naturalist Arthur Hruska between 1910 and 1971, it  covers an area of 10.000 mq. It contains more than 2.000 specimens of  plants coming from all over the world. There are also streams and artificial small lakes covered by callas and water lilies. Bought in  1988 by the artist André Heller to create an ecological conscience centre, inside the park you can find many contemporary sculptures.

In Gardone Riviera you can also admire magnificent historic palaces and villas, as the neoclassical Villa Alba, surrounded by a beatiful park, location of many exhibit, events and performances.

You can also go shopping and walk along the animated lakefront.

Gardone Riviera is only 20 minutes far from Hotel Mayer & Splendid and from Desenzano del Garda. You can easily reach it also by boat (departure in front of the Hotel).


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