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Relaxing massage
Slow, enveloping movements on various body areas to relieve stress and anxiety. This relaxing massage helps stimulate energy at various points of the body and activates blood and lymph circulation. Ideal for those seeking pleasant relaxation and a little pampering.

Plantar reflexology 
A therapeutic massage therapy applying pressure with a special thumb technique to the base of the foot. Various areas of the foot reect all the functions and organs of the human body, and  stimulation of these zones causes a general re-harmonization of the body.

Using essential vegetable oils, this massage helps to relieve stress, promote sleep, purify and nourish skin, generating an energy balance of the body.


Connective tissue
A deep massage to eliminate toxins, sanify the lymphatic system and act on tissues and veins to favour the flow of blood and facilitate the removal of excess fuid, which is directed towards the kidneys. Arm and deep massage, which ends with the application of a special cream to affected areas.

Lymphatic drainage  
A special massage to promote the drainage of toxins from the lymphatic system. It is performed with light touches, gentle pressure and circular movements all over the body, detoxifying the skin. It also has a  signicant remedial effect on swelling and bruising, making your body feel so much lighter.

Exfoliating treatment
This is a treatment that brings elasticity to skin and freshness to the whole body. This exfoliation technique, indeed, helps to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage and the application of a special cream.


Decontracting massage
A special massage that helps to loosen muscle tension and restore circulation thanks to the special properties of arnica essential oil. It can be performed all over the body, or in especially susceptible areas, such as the neck and base of the neck, back and legs.

Great for athletes who want to re-energize muscles and improve athletic performance, reducing muscle tension, preventing accidents and preparing muscles for intensive physical activity. The sports massage stimulates the parasympatheticnervous system and increases blood flow.

Relaxing connective integration reflexology
This is a technique that promotes the connections of the neurological system and is veryuseful for those who practice sports.It relaxes muscles and the whole body, and is therefore especially suitable for those who practice sports, but also for those who accumulate everyday stress in muscular tension.

Our massages


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