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Dear guests, the wellness area of the Hotel Mayer & Splendid will resume the activity from the 3rd July 2021.
We are reorganizing the spaces to allow you to use our services in full safety and in line with anti-covid regulations.
From the 3rd July  will be available treatments and massages, the sauna and the mini-pool with Jacuzzi for exclusive use, all sanitized to every use.
All services will be available for customers with a mandatory reservation to be agreed at the time of booking.
We are waiting for you!


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Ayurvedic Massage

This massage uses precious plant-based oils to rebalance the body, helping to relieve stress, aid sleep, purify and nourish the skin and tissues and strengthen the immune system.

1 hour and 30 minutes - € 95.00

Foot reflexology

A therapeutic massage practiced on the soles of the feet with a specific technique using the pressure of the thumbs. The various areas of the foot reflect all the functions and organs of the human body and the stimulation of these points leads to general re-harmonisation of the organism.

1 hour - € 75.00

Traditional body massage

An all-round cure for mind and body! This massage facilitates the elimination of toxins, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, reduces pain and fatigue and relieves stress and tension. You can choose between different types of oils, including argan oil, lemon oil and almond oil, depending on the needs of your skin too.

1 hour - € 75.00

30  minutes - € 45,00

Relaxing back massage

Slow and enveloping movements act on the tension in the back that results from stress and anxiety. This relaxing massage helps stimulate energy and activates blood and lymphatic circulation. Ideal for those who seek relaxation and wish to dedicate some time to themselves.

30 minutes: € 45,00

Decontracting back massage

A targeted massage that helps to loosen areas where there is major muscular tension and to restore circulation. No oil is used as this is a massage based solely on the operator's movements, to loosen the contractions that block the back.

30 minutes: € 50,00

Candle massage

This is a relaxing body massage that leaves the skin feeling softer than any oil. More than a massage, it is a true ritual of well-being, a precious moment in which all the senses are involved. The warm oil caresses the whole body bringing a pleasant sensation of enveloping relaxation.

1 hour - € 80.00

Lymphatic leg massage

Lymphatic drainage is a light and delicate form of massage that aids lymphatic flow. It is based on gentle, rhythmic and constant movements, with very soft pressure, to make the legs feel lighter. For the best benefits we recommend at least 3 consecutive sessions.

1 hour - € 75.00
30 minutes - € 45.00

Reiki treatment

Reiki treatments are recommended for anyone with health problems, which can range from the most varied painful symptoms to organic diseases of any kind, anxiety, stress and depression. With a delicate laying on of hands, the operator acts on all the main energy points of the body, to help the body rebalance and regenerate.

1 hour - € 80.00

Body scrub

An exfoliating treatment that is particularly indicated for dry skin. The application of mineral salts makes the skin soft and smooth and is followed by a 10-minute massage.

30 minutes: € 45,00

Our massages are available subject to availability. Reservations are required to take advantage of our massages.


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